Shark Vs Dyson Which Best Brand In 2020?



Shark Vs Dyson – Which Better Band For Me.

When the discussion of the vacuum cleaners comes, shark vs Dyson are the two most reliable names in the market. Whether you want to buy an upright, canister, lightweight or cordless vacuum cleaner. You will turn up to any one of these two brands for meeting your needs. But which one among them tops the chart or in comparison. which one satisfies your pocket well is a great debate. Below is a comparison between the different features of Shark vs Dyson to know which brand is better justifying bucks.

Company Profile

The company comparison of the two leading brands got Dyson as a winner over shark due to the largest vacuum cleaning company. Dyson offices are widespread and the number of employees working under Dyson to invent new and justifying models of Dyson ever now and then is much greater in number than the Shark. Even the total revenue attained by Dyson is much more than the total investment of Shark. Shark is a competing brand but is still run by a small private company.


One of the most important features of a vacuum cleaner is the reliability of the product. And the warranty of its most reliability parts by the company. Keeping in mind the different models and comparing them with one another in terms of warranty showed that Shark is a better choice in terms of the warranty. The main models of Dyson have a 5-year warranty whereas Shark models have a 7-year warranty. In the innovative models, the lightweight Shark model has a 7-year warranty. The guarantee of a Dyson cordless vacuum is the 5-year guarantee.



The price of the product is always available with the brand of the product. Especially at the cost when the different brands offer similar maneuverability, versatility, and technology. In the rapid comparisons of similar models or features of different vacuum cleaners of the two brands Shark is a clear winner. Shark saves hundreds of your bucks and serves as a cheap source. But then Dyson is a status symbol more than a cleaner.


An important aspect is the weight of the vacuum cleaners the two brands offer. It is very important that the weight of the cleaner should be less. So it becomes easier for the user to work along with the cleaner. Shark has kept this point very well and offered relatively lightweight models of vacuum cleaners in comparison to different Dyson models. Dyson models are generally heavy and sometimes it gets difficult to move around with them.


One never has to compromise on quality while paying for the product. It is very important to buy what return your bucks in term of results. In quality comparison, Dyson win over Shark. The parts are though made of plastic in both brands but the ergonomic design, the convincible features and the manufacturing quality of the vacuum cleaners make Dyson cleaners a better quality approach than Shark.


Though the quality comparisons show that the durability comparison has Dyson as a winner but with a large number of complaints of customers with the product efficiency tells us a different story and makes Shark a winner out of it. The long-term warranty and the durability of the parts of Shark vacuum cleaner make them a better choice.


The main feature that one can compare between Dyson and Shark is the power of both the brand’s offer. In this comparison, Dyson has a clear edge over Shark. The powered suction of the Dyson is one of the most talked in the town. Not only the greatest suction but that the continuous suction or the no-lose suction capacity of Dyson is what makes it a better choice than Shark. The lower suction capacity often troubles in cleaning along with the reduction in the suction capacity.

Battery Life

In the cordless vacuum cleaner comparison among the Dyson and Shark brand, Dyson always comes at top of the chart. The maximum battery life of Dyson vacuum cleaners is higher than the Shark cleaners. The battery of Dyson products On average is sixty minutes of run time. Whereas the Shark maximum range is thirty minutes and in a minimum of eleven minutes.

Dust Capacity

It is very important to compare the feature of dust capacities for a comfortable cleaning without the rush to the dustbin frequently. Again in this department, Dyson has a clear edge with Dyson dust cups being much larger in size and the capacity to store dust is greater than Shark. Thus, a greater reservoir to store dust allows the cleaning of large houses easy.

Filtration Efficiency

The filtration efficiency varies with the model under observation. It is always preferred to have filter-free filtration to avoid the headache of frequent replacement and on another hand, washable filters is an excellent choice as it reduces the maintenance cost. However, the quality of filtration is one important issue. Looking at the canister and upright models Dyson gets an extra point for having a filter-free system whereas, in the cordless and handheld vacuums, Dyson has an extra edge over Shark because of the HEPA filtration with the Anti-Seal allergen system trapping 99% of dust particles. Thus not only the floor and carpets but the air is cleaned as well.


In comparison to the ease of moving around on different floors and the cleaning capacity, Shark is a clear winner here. The DuoClean technology in most of the main models of Shark allows the easy switching between carpets and floors by the dual brush roll setup, bristled and soft. However, Dyson lacks the automatic switching and requires the replacement of bristle brush roll with soft brush roll while cleaning.

LED Headlamps

In the majority of models of different styles, cordless, canister or upright it has been observed that LED headlamps are the special feature of Shark which Dyson lacks. The LED headlamps allow easy cleaning across obstacles and in dark places and corners thus leaving no dust or dander behind.

Pet Hair Cleaning

With pets the task of cleaning becomes tough. Though both the brand models couldn’t tackle the issue of long pet hairs getting stuck at the motor filter the overall better performance of picking hair pets and cleaning is found to be better in Shark than Dyson. With the innovative features, Shark presents the task of pet hair cleaning is much efficient in Shark.

Conclusion For Shark Vs Dyson

These are a few feature comparisons among Shark and Dyson. We can’t position any one of the brands as the best brand. Shark provides its users with different features and innovative styles within the affordable range whereas. Dyson is a long family-run brand with a surety of powerful cleaning with attractive designs and ergonomic handling.

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