Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Reviews

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away ReviewsShark is a well-known brand in the market competing with Dyson in the vacuum cleaning range. Different styles and technologies are in cooperated in the Shark vacuums to attract the buyers. One of the best vacuum cleaners introduced by Shark is the Shark rotator powered lift-away true pet upright vacuum, Bordeaux (NV752). The need of multi-cleaning with pets at home requires a multi-functional cleaner and that's what is kept in mind while designing this beautiful cleaner. A perfect amalgam of beauty, style, design, and multi-tasking is what makes this product the best thought of Shark. NV752, the Bordeaux colour vacuum cleaner allows powered cleaning and gives your carpets and rugs a fresh and tidy look apart from all the pets roaming around. let's go below for shark rotator powered lift-away reviews.

Features of Shark rotator powered lift away.

The different features that the shark rotator powered lift-away vacuum cleaner inspection have
  • It is a multimode vacuum cleaner. The three in one cleaner is an upright, canister and lift-away vacuum cleaner.
  • The removable canister button allows the vacuum cleaner to become portable for cleaning stairs or across obstacles.
  • The floor-to-ceiling cleaning is made possible by the lift-away feature. Thus, the complete cleaning across the room is possible.
  • The multi-setting buttons on the handle that allows cleaning with respect to the patch. A thick two piles, one pile thin carpet or hard floor cleaning is possible by changing settings.
  • Swivel steering is integrated into the Shark NV752 vacuum cleaner. The steering allows the mobility with ease across the flooring.
  • A bagless design that reduces the weight of the vacuum cleaner and makes it average in weight of 15.4 lbs.
  • Pre foam, pre-felt and post HEPA filters is present in the vacuum cleaner.
  • 30-foot cord to allow easy cleaning without switching.
  • Wide cleaning area to allow quick cleaning.
  • The brush rolls attached to the nozzle motor and rotator that allow the easy movement of the bristle brushes and strong suctioning and cleaning through motor that powers it.

Key features

Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Vacuum

  • Fingertip controlling is made possible by the button on the handle that allows you to make transitions across the room while cleaning.
  • Rotator technology of vacuum cleaner is the key feature of the shark rotator vacuum cleaner. The technology allows the rotation of the vacuum cleaner head thus cleaning across obstacles is made possible.
  • LED lights that present on the floor nozzle and the handle that allow illumination of any dark place to allow proper cleaning thus no dander may be left from the cleaner reach.
  • 1.5-quart dust capacity is present in the Shark vacuum cleaner. This enormously large capacity allows the reduced tour to dustbins and one go cleaning of a large dusty area is possible.


Following are the basis of the NV752 model that makes it the best choice.

  • The beautiful design integrated with the functions it performs makes it an attractive choice. The stylish colour and the ergonomic design make it easy to use and make a part of your home.

  • The best of the model is its quiet motor. Cleaning becomes comfortable and relaxing without the irritating cleaning voice that stands on the nerves.

  • The lightweight design of the model makes it easy to carry along the stairs and across the room without hurdle.

  • The easy cleaning of the dirt chamber makes it best to use even after hectic cleaning of dirty rooms.


Even the best have some issues with it. Similar is the case here. The product does have certain cons to its list. They are

  • It is quite an expensive machinery to buy. You have to seriously think and save money for this model to enjoy its features

  • Fibers and strings in the floor or carpet get stuck with the brushing bristles on the vacuum cleaner. It hauls the cleaning activity and you have to remove them manually by hand from the bristles to continue cleaning.

  • The basic active glide technology is missing in this multi-mode multi-functional vacuum cleaner.

  • The maneuverability is highly affected thus. You need to change your tools before switching your cleaning patch from carpets to bare floors.

  • The cord of the vacuum cleaner is not retractable. Thus it becomes tough to handle cord.

Pricing and refund policy of Shark rotator powered lift-away.

Since being the top-rated and best vacuum cleaner it is often found at a range of $399.99. However, at Amazon a usual discount is available on the product thus buying can be a little cheaper. For further ease, use a credit card while shopping. The company has a refund policy under which the re-shipment of the product is made only if it meets the general requirements of refund. Different stores have different refund policies attached but a minimum of 30 days complete refund is possible under criterion.


The multimode vacuum cleaner consists of several technologies in cooperated within.

  • The Anti-Allergen technology allow trapping of allergens and dust from the air and keep the environment clean
  • The never loose technology allows deep cleaning and maintenance of suction throughout the life of the cleaner.
  •  The true pet technology allows the pet hairs across the areas to be picked and removed properly with 100% efficiency.

Shark rotator powered lift-away


The packaging of the Shark rotator powered lift-away true pet vacuum cleaner consist of following tools that allow it to performs the different functions.

  • Dusting brush.
  • Duster genie is a combination tool of duster brush and crevice tool.
  • Hard floor genie that is a hard floor cleaning brush with a microfiber pad
  • True pet motorized brush is a mini brush that fits in hand to clean pet hairs across areas like floors, curtains, surfaces etc.
  • Canister caddy that allows the transformation into canister mode.
  • Pet upholstery tool that cleans pet hairs from upholstery.


The greatest benefit one can have while having this vacuum cleaner is its versatility. The transformation from the canister mode to the lift-away pod to upright standard cleaning is possible. Thus you need to buy three different vacuum cleaners to clean your car, stairs, dust around tables and obstacles. Plus, the pet hair and other dust and dander removal by the cleaner enhance its versatility.


The company trust on what they have manufactured. Thus, Shark has provided a V.I.P lifetime guarantee on the product. So whenever you think you have an issue Shark will certainly listen and amend it. Under certain criteria's of human error or manufacturing issues by default by the company or improper functioning or break down of any tool naturally will be counter checked by Shark and are guaranteed to be replaced or corrected.


The Shark rotator powered lift-away true pet vacuum cleaner is accompanied with HEPA and pre-filters. The filters in the vacuum cleaner have the Anti-allergen technology. This technology allows the cleaning of air along with the cleaning of floors and carpets. It traps 99.99% of germs and dust particles from the air and thus prevents dust allergy at every inch possible. The HEPA filtration allows trapping of every single particle up till 0.3 micron and proper cleaning is ensured. The sealing technology of the filters allows no dust to be blown out and it remains in the dust chamber.

How to use and maintain the vacuum cleaner?

Usage and maintenance are quite easy with a minimum or no cost approach. For usage, you simply have to

  • Select the tool according to your flooring type such as for bare floors use hard floor brush and attach to the attachment site.
  • Plug the cord in the socket and push the button ON and begin cleaning.
  • Different setting switches are made on the handle to change the strength of suction according to the flooring type.
  • Like for different carpets pile, different buttons are available.
  • You can even switch between canisters to upright to lift-away by the push buttons.

Since the filters are washable thus the maintenance cost becomes highly low. After heavy cleaning simply removes the dust cup by push button and throw dust in the dustbin and wash the filters to remove the trapped dust and allergens.

Powered shark rotator power lift-away

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The Shark rotator model is accompanied with powered cleaning. It is achieved by the cyclonic suction technology. The never lose the suction capacity of the vacuum cleaner not only make the cleaner lifelong but also keep up with the same cleaning capacity after a long time. The powered suction allows suctioning of carpets and rugs especially strong enough to remove every dander or pet hair stick with the fibers of carpets.

How to choose and buy?

Before going to the market one should be aware of what tasks he wants his or her vacuum to perform and which model or brand can perform those tasks well. Secondly, one must be aware of his pocket strength. Keeping these two points either go to the online store or near store and search for the vacuum cleaner. One must check the product and tools are complete and proper before buying. Check the warranty and refund policy. Search in several stores to get the product, if available at a cheap rate.

Final words for shark rotator powered lift-away review

Looking at the detailed analysis, it can be thus proved that Shark has invested all their brains at the Shark rotator powered lift away true pet upright vacuum, Bordeaux (NV752) and its sure position among the top rated and top buying vacuum cleaners over Dyson is justified. The multi-functionality and the ease of cleaning with its different tools along every nick of the room make this model the best among all. Though every product is human-manufactured and has some cons related to it with the beauty it performs its number of functions the cons get masked over. Thus, if you are planning on serious investment to buy a long-life vacuum cleaner with pets around you must go for this rotator upright model of Shark. You will surely not regret paying your bucks and giving your time to this product.

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