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Are you looking for a high-quality vacuum cleaner?

Are you in need of a vacuum that cleans the hard-to-reach areas?

If yes, then you are at the right point, because there is a unique product that you will meet your needs.

This, shark navigator lift away professional, is a vacuum cleaner that cleans the debris and collects dust particles even from the areas that are not easy to clean.

This product is an upright vacuum cleaner that is wonderful in performance. Among all vacuum cleaning products, this is an amazing one.

The feature of Shark navigator lift away professional

Shark navigator lift


The most impressive feature of this product is its assembly.

The product is not hard to handle and carry. After its use, one can easily assemble it.

The microfiber pad of the product helps in the easy handling.

The hard-floor attachment helps in the dust-away performance.

The tools that are used in the dust-away and debris-collection are of high quality and facilitates it in the attachment of the microfiber pad.

All the tools can be attached easily and after debris- collection can be removed easily.

The assembly is easy-to-manage and this is the feature that has made it a good product among all others.


The technology that is used in its formation if the “Anti-Allergen, complete Sea technology”.

Use of this technology has made it a worth appreciating product.

A HEPA filter is also attached to the product that captures the 99.9% of the debris in the vacuum.

The functioning of the product is just a “Push Button” away.

Although the product is light in weight and easy to carry, it is portable and easy to manage as well.

This versatile product performs best at 1.3 Ibs. Due to this technology, it is also called as the “Bare floor hero” as it can cleanse all hard-to-reach areas of the floor.

The LED lights help in the detection of the debris and its collection.


The filters of this product are also outstanding. These are easy to clean.

The HEPA filters collect the dust and trap the allergens. These filters can collect 1.2 quarters of dry debris and 2.2 quarters of the wet debris.

The nozzles of the filters are equipped with pads that collect the wet debris.
After collection of the debris, these filters put all dust into the debris bag.

The upholstery tools attached to the product are used for collection of the debris.

These bags are easy to clean.

The canisters attached to the filters remove the dust once the filters are full.

The pet power brush is amazing in the collection of debris from the hard-to-reach area.


There are 8 crevice tools attaché to the product.

The pet floor brush, the power brush, dusting brush, premium pet power brush, and the microfiber pad are the tools of the product.

These brushes and pads facilitate the dust-away process and clean the filters after the process has been done.

The brush-roll shutoff system is useful in the deep cleaning of the carpet. The 8-inch crevice tool along with all other brushes clean the floor and carpet.

This brush roll shutoff system is used for easy switching of the product. It also helps in the easy collection of debris and dust from the floor.


The dimensions of this product are 15 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches The length of the hose is 25 feet.

It is available in white and black color. It has a great suction cord.

The handles of the product have extensions that are useful while cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

The portable above flooring system helps in the easy cleaning of the dust and suction areas.

The handles also have a nose.The filters can be cleaned every three months. Filters can be air-dried once every month.

The pre-motor filters can be cleaned with lukewarm water.


Shark navigator

These glorious options include

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A never loses suction superb cyclonic technology

Shark Navigator comes with the unbelievable cyclonic technology that enables separation of finer dirt particles from the air, so preventing preventative of dirt within the filters and maintaining consistent suction power. this implies that from the moment you switch on the vacuum to the instant you turn off when cleaning the last area, you never lose power.

Exceptional Swivel Steering

There will never be a larger and fun cleansing expertise than after you area unit ready to simply navigate around obstacles in your home. The swivel steering ensures you simply access each area in your home by enhancing flexibility.

Light-weight and simply move-able canister

This moveable canister permits easy mobility around your house and easy cleaning on the hardwood floor. This conjointly makes it terribly appropriate for cleaning hardwood floor while not inflicting any damages.

Finest pet cleansing tools

It options terribly powerful and versatile tools that facilitate easier access to remote areas in your house and simply capture pet hair and different dirt on the ground or different surfaces.

Bare floor, Dust-Away Attachment with 2 Microfiber Pads

The washable microfiber pads wipe away, very tiny, and laborious to envision mud particles, whereas mud away attachment uses powerful suction to wash up junk you’ll be able to simply see.

Unbelievable Brush- rolls Shutoff

With simply a switch, the brush-roll may be activated to boost cleaning performance on each hardwood floors in addition as on carpet, whereas still maintaining the continuous suction.

Extra-long Crevice Tool

This superb vacuum options Associate in Nursing extra-long, 24inch, and crevice tool to permits easier access to laborious –to-reach surfaces or areas.

Extra- long electric cord

The 30ft electric cord permits easier access to most rooms in your house while not essentially having to disconnect from the socket. This conjointly enhances fast and straightforward cleansing on an outsized area or surface.

Exceptional Anti-Allergen advanced-technology and HEPA filtration

This type of vacuum is ready to lure quite ninety-nine.9% of matter and mud within, thus you are doing not got to worry regarding the air you’re respiratory being compromised with matter and mud.

Excellent product-make/design

It weighs close to 14lb thus simply moveable and features a 1200 watts power, thus safe and appropriate to use in your home.


  • The product is the most efficient among all other similar products.

  • It can purchased according to the need as for carpet and floor.

  • It is available for all varieties

  • The pet-hair pickup system is attention grabbing that is so much desired by the users

  • The filters on the product are easy-to-clean

  • The mess-free dust cup of the product collects even the hair and dirt particles from it


  • The price of the product is much higher as compared to the other product

  • The product creates noise that is a bad feature of this product

  • The users are not satisfied with the design and performance of the product

  • The top of the product is heavy

  • The cord length of this product is small

Some FAQ for Shark Navigator

What kind of attachments come with this product?

There are 8 crevice tools attaché to the product. The pet floor brush, the power brush, dusting brush, premium pet power brush, and the microfiber pad are the tools of the product.

What is the vacuum made of?

It is made by the combination of ABS and PP plastics. There is also a mixture of rubber and metal components.

What is the weight of the product?

The weight of the product is 1.3 Ibs.

When should I use the bare floor setting?

Use it when you are on delicate carpets and hard floor surfaces.

How do I know that filters need to be cleaned?

When filters are not picking up more debris and dust, these should be cleaned


This is undeniably one in every one of those appliances in your home you’d continuously wish to use. It provides optimum cleaning services and is extremely thought of one in every of the highest best vacuum for hardwood floor cleaners within the market nowadays. It’s significantly designed to form your cleansing expertise pleasant, Associate in Nursing an “always wish to do” activity; besides guaranteeing thorough cleaning services. Certainly, there may be no larger reason why you shouldn’t have one in your home if you like optimum quality.

As the features and performance of the product indicate, this is one of the best products that you can use for floor cleaning. The product is best in all respects and is really outstanding in performance. I hope you will enjoy this product.

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